Hello and welcome to IONA’s website!

This website was launched in May 2018 and you can still access the content of the old website here: https://iona-online.org/

Some of the content of the website is free, and some is password protected and only current members will have access to it.

You can navigate the website using the shortcuts above for the different pages. We use the Blog feature to share any other content. We welcome discussions, comments, requests for information to be shared on this website and any news or training dates that our members would like us to share!

IONA Membership

IONA welcomes as members anyone who works in healthcare, with a special interest in ophthalmology. The associations was initially created for nurses to meet and share knowledge and experiences, but over time we have recognised the growing importance of multidisciplinary work. We welcome optometrists, opticians, healthcare assistants, operating department practitioners, doctors, paramedics, etc.

Membership costs £15/year per person. Being a member will allow you to access the private content of the website, you’ll receive a membership card, you’ll be able to participate in the Annual General Meeting and understand/have a say on how IONA runs, you’ll have the opportunity to be part of the council (subject to availability of roles), you’ll be able to access our annual newsletter, and you’ll get a discount on the yearly conference price (the discount value is always higher than the membership price).

We also offer the opportunity for members to be able to sponsor someone from a developing country for £5 and give them access to the website for one year. This could be someone you know or, if you don’t know anyone who fits the criteria, IONA has a list of professionals and allocates sponsorship accordingly.

For more information about any of this, please send us a message.

Would you like to join us today? Please contact us in the first instance for an application form: iona1955@hotmail.co.uk, or e-mail us your name, address, profession and place of work. Following that, you can pay by standing order, if you prefer, or you can use one of the buttons bellow to pay via Paypal. If you’re paying on behalf of someone else, make sure you put that person’s name in the comments so we know who you’re paying for!

For annual membership and sponsorship for one person (£20) click here:

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For annual membership alone (£15) click here:

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For sponsorship alone (£5) click here:

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Data Protection: All information provided is confidential and will be used solely for the Association.